1 .   NAME

The name of the Association shall be The Welsh Masters Athletic Association.



To promote friendship, understanding and co-operation at all levels of Masters Athletics.

To promote and encourage athletic events for Master Athletes.

To keep records of performances of Masters Athletes.



Any man & woman thirty-five years of age or over shall be eligible for membership.  Any person within two years of these ages shall be eligible to apply for Associate Membership and if accepted shall automatically become a full member on attaining the age.

The decision to accept an applicant for membership shall be made by the General committee.

Only paid up members of the Association shall be able to compete for the Welsh Masters in the BMAA Championships or International Team.  League and Championship competition is intended for members, but guests are allowed at the discretion of the referees.

Membership of other Veteran or Master’s organisations is acceptable.

Footnote (General Committee 22/09/94)

Championship awards are only made to fully paid up members of the Association.

However, the Championships are open and non-association members may compete.



The bodies of the association shall be:

The Annual General Meeting,

The General Meeting

Such Sub-Committees as shall be agreed at the AGM, and General Committee.




The Annual General Meeting shall be held after the championships each year.  Not less than Fifty-Six days notification shall be given of the AGM. The financial year shall be from 1st January until 31st December and the Treasurer shall present audited income and expenditure accounts and balance sheets to the AGM.

All paid up members of the Association may attend and vote at the meeting.

All decisions shall be made by simple majority of those present and entitled to vote.  In case of a tie, the Chairman’s decision shall determine the matter.

All Notices of Motion must be submitted in writing to the Secretary not less than twenty-eight days before the meeting.

Nomination for Office shall be proposed and seconded in writing, accompanied by written consent of the nominees and received by the Secretary not less than twenty-eight days before the meeting.  (Providing the nominees have given their verbal consent, this will be accepted) in exceptional circumstances the Chairman may accept nominations (and acceptances) from the floor of the meeting.

The AGM shall elect the following to serve on the General Committee:

President, for a term of two consecutive terms in order that the honour may be accorded to other individuals.

Vice President, for life or until such times they become President or Past President.  At  one time, there must only be 5 Vice Presidents.

Honorary Chairman

Honorary Secretary

Honorary Treasurer

Honorary Assistant treasurer & Membership Secretary

Minutes Secretary

Officials Secretary

Honorary Auditor(s)

Statisticians Track & Field, Road & Cross Country

Co-ordinator(s) Track & Field, Road & Cross Country

WMAA Representatives to the BMAF


NB All clubs are entitled to nominate two representatives to the General Committee.



A General Committee Meeting shall consist of a quorum of elected officers and members (two Officers and two Members).  All Members shall be entitled to vote with the Chairman having the casting vote.

It shall have the power to nominate a President, 5 Vice Presidents, Patrons, Life Members and Past Presidents.

It will manage the day-to-day affairs of the Association.

Have the power to arrange and organize Championships and Competitions in all disciplines.

The Honorary Secretary shall have the responsibility for the keeping of all the minutes, appointments and records of the Association.



The General Committee has the power to suspend from attending Committee Meetings, any member who;

Carriers out any act that nullifies a decision made by the majority of those present at the meeting.

Interferes in any way with the duties of anyone appointed by the Committee to do those duties.

The Chairman may suspend from general membership of the Association for up to Thirty days any individual considered guilty of any action contrary to good sportsmanship or otherwise likely to bring the Association or its members into disrepute.  Such members may appeal in person (or writing) supported by a friend or representative at the next subsequent Committee Meeting.  This meeting shall consider the complaint and the appeal and endorse, extend or reduce the period of suspension, as it considers appropriate.

In extreme circumstances the Committee may expel the individual from the membership.



This Constitution shall not be altered except at an AGM or EGM.



The General Committee may convene an EGM on the requisition in writing from not less than ten Members of the Association.  The requisition shall be signed by the members requiring the meeting, it shall the business for which the meeting is required and be sent to the Honorary Secretary.  The meeting shall be called not less than twenty-eight days and not more than thirty-five days after receipt of the requisition.



The General Committee shall have the power to institute Standing Orders.

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