Dear BMAF area club members

Your membership of a BMAF area club means that you are included in the online database BMAF Open Track that all area clubs use to manage their memberships. This means that you can take advantage of the services offer by BMAF once you have logged into your account. Logging into Open track for the first time consists of the following steps:

Go to the BMAF website http://bmaf.org.uk

Click on the menu options Members/Guests

Go to the Login screen

Click on the Forgot / Need Password option and follow the instructions on how to set a password

Return to the Login screen and enter with your email address and password

The services offered by BMAF include:

Online entry to BMAF competitions with payment by debit/credit card. There are no longer any paper entries to the Track & Field, Road and Cross-Country competitions. If you don’t feel able to use the computer to make online payments, then either look for a friend/relative to help you do or ask another member to operate a “joint account” with you. This facility is used by a few couples who have chosen to use the same email address. You could even give you credit card details to your membership secretary to pay the entry on your behalf, if you are agreed that this is acceptable from the data security perspective.

Online payment of area club annual membership fee, if your club has taken up this option

Online access to copies of Master Athletics magazine back as far as 2013:

Most members have not chosen to subscribe to the paper copy of Masters Athletics magazine but very few members are reading the online version. Is this because it doesn’t interest you to read it? If you are unaware of it, you can take look at it simply by logging into your account in Open track and clicking on “View Masters Athletics”. We publish them four times a year at present and there is a new edition which has just come out. In future we will send out mass emails to notify everyone of a new edition being available.

We will continue to monitor the usage but at the next Delegates Meeting in February, we will again review the format of the magazine and whether it should continue. We haven’t yet put all Masters Athletics articles as news items on the website, but we have to be sure that this will be really appreciated i.e. will be read by more members before we ask our editor and others to do this.

Option to subscribe to Athletics Weekly magazine at the discounted rate of £7.49 per month, which was specially agreed for BMAF. See the BMAF news article on how to do subscribe if you are interested.

I would also like to make a plea to you to check your personal data in Open track at least once a year to see that your contact details, athletics interests, area club memberships and UKA registration are up-to-date. This is essential as this data forms the basis for your entry into BMAF competitions, sending you information about competitions which match your athletics interests and communications with your membership secretary. Any red traffic light you see there will block membership renewal if the associated data issue is not resolved.

It would not surprise me if some of the email addresses the area clubs have entered on your behalf are out of date. If you find that you cannot set a password or login with your current email address or have any other problem with using the system, please contact your area club secretary or myself. We may just have to update your email address but if not, I will quickly be able to resolve whatever is causing the problem. There is also a “Getting Help” button which will enable you to read the detailed instructions if you wish.


Peter Kennedy

BMAF IT Manager

Mobile: 07808 033532

Website: http://bmaf.org.uk


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