Regional Champ's performers update and *request*!

A good number of our WMA athletes took part in the Senior sections of the Regional Championships last weekend....well done to all.....they include from

In the Gloucester Champ's Angela Sonn.

In the Essex Champ's Clare St.John-Coleman

South and East Wales Stuart Pearce, Juliet Sidney, Mark Roberts, Keith Powell, Jason Elworthy, Ian Williams, Cath Alford, Paul Evans, Charlie Northey, Catherine Olivant and Julie Driscoll.

In North Wales Sean McCormack, Dave Stokes and Geoff Ward.

In the Avon Champs Chris Millard.

West Wales Rod Davies, Sharon Leech, Karen Llanelli, Renate Prells, Chris Pruski and Lisa Franklin.

In the Berkshire Champ's Dave Shields

In the Dorset Champ's Andrew Turner with SB's in SP and DT

If I've missed anyone please let me know. *REQUEST* - please take a little time to ensure that your BMAF profile shows Welsh Masters; this will help me 'track you down' as i can search for Welsh Masters rather that search all names; there's a lot of you to find and Roger and me doing it. Thank you.


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