Congratulations on excellent performances...

Gwyn Wallace in Derby with PB's in SP, WT, DT and Pent as well as performing in HT and JT as part of the Pent... very well done.

Others who have been active ..

David Glendower PB's in SP and DT in Bromley

Running with the Wind Event in Cardiff all PB's!... Juliet Sidney, Jon Clarke, Kieran McDonnell and James Morgan.

At the Welsh League 2 match in Neath ...

PB's for Paul Evans DT, Chris Berry DT

SB's for Paul Evans 100, Charlie Northey JT, Derek Osbourne TJ, SP and JT, Karen Llewellin JT

Also performances for Renate Prells SP and DT, Karen Llewellin SP and DT, Rod Davies 100, Chris Pruski JT, Charlie Northey 800 and 1500, Mark Roberts 800 and 1500, Sharon Leech 1500, Ian Williams DT and SP, Chris Berry SP, Paul Evans SP.

As ever if I've missed anyone........


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