Great performances from Masters members at the end of June

Well done all ...

Jon Clarke M60 at Cleckheaton on 24th with performances in HJ, LJ, TJ and JT all seasons bests.

Graham Holder M45 with seasons bests in HT and SP.

Excellent performances from ….

James Morgan M45 in 100m and 200m Newport on 20th

Claudia Cubbage W45 in TJ and HT Basingstoke on 25th

Renata Prells W60 in HT Carmarthen on 28th

Ian Broadhurst M60 in 200m Sheffield on 23rd

Clare St. John Coleman W 55 in 100m Lee Valley on 20th

Warwick Helps M40 in 1500 St. Peter Port on 23rd

Alison Murray W50 in HJ Twickenham on 23rd

Amanda Wale W45 in JT Wrexham on 23rd

Margaaret Ludden W55 in 10K Liverpool on 24th

Peter Watkeys M35 in 1500 Portsmouth on 23rd

John Gardner M75 in 10K Llanelli on 23rd

Thanks go to John Peters for providing the search tool to allow me to find out what you are all up to across the Power of 10

Men's Rankings up to the end of June to be up soon....


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