BMAF Championships Results

Congratulations to all 50 who competed [updated on 03092018- thanks RG]

Double Gold Medallists were ...Graham Holder, Dorothy Fraser, Iris Holder, Daphne Marler, Sarah Everitt.

Gold Medalists … Melanie Garland, Alison Murray, Renata Prells, Glyn Price, Juliet Sydney, Michelle Thomas, Jan Timberlake, Victoria Watkins, Ian Broadhurst, , Alison Murray, Amanda Broadhurst

Multi medallists ...Renata Prells in SP, WT, DT and HT

Melanie Garland in HJ, LJ, TJ, 100and 200

If your results are not here, let me now. It could be that you are not WMAA on P10.

See full results on the webpage...

Pictured - Martin Tucker (Silver in M50JT) and Amanda Broadhurst (Gold in TJ)


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