WMMA 3000m Results

The new era of WMMA championships began at the NIAC on Sunday 16th December with 22 masters competing in the various age groups of the 3000m. 

Medals ….

Men 3 Gold 2 Silver and 2 Bronze

Ladies 2 Gold* 

Congratulations to the medallists - click here for the full results

Gold - WMAA

Huw Evans; Paul Flynn; Mike Murphy, Mark Williams


Matthew Evans; David Goodger; Martyn Cole; Phil Brennan;

Llinos Jones; Helen-Marie Davies 

Silver - WMAA

Adrian Lewis; Huw Roberts 


Clive Osmond; Michael H Davies

Bronze - WMAA

Austin Davies 

Ian Swanson 

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If you are a member of WMAA please ensure that your profile on P10 shows this.


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