WMAA at WMA in Torun 2019 next week

Our members are taking part in the World Masters from 24th March next week. We have 23 going and WMAA wish them [us] well, Pbs and good luck. Click here for the Torun home page

GBR:WMAA 010 Sean Price

GBR:WMAA 0199 Angela Bryant

GBR:WMAA 0509 Sharon Samuel

GBR:WMAA 0511 James Edward Thie

GBR:WMAA 13 Brett Davis

GBR:WMAA 147 Joanne Frost

GBR:WMAA 148 Richard Evans

GBR:WMAA 176 Jan Timberlake

GBR:WMAA 247 David Glendower

GBR:WMAA 249 Austin Davies

GBR:WMAA 257 Juliet Sidney

GBR:WMAA 354 Matt Kinane

GBR:WMAA 375 Iris Holder

GBR:WMAA 395 Melanie Garland

GBR:WMAA 450 Christopher Pruski

GBR:WMAA 70 Dorothy Fraser

GBR:WMAA 71 Patricia Gallagher

GBR:WMAA 72 Glyn Price

GBR:WMAA121 Alison Murray

GBR:WMAA122 Michelle Thomas

GBR:WMAA171 Barrie Roberts

GBR:WMAA200 David Gordon

GBR:WMAA47 David Proffitt


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