Final League Meet - Aberdare Results

The last of 5 meets on Wednesday night finished off this very successful season. CLICK HERE FOR CARD RESULTS AND CLICK HERE FOR FUN RESULTS and pics to follow.

All should know that Daphne and Rod have made this possible with help from Brett and yours truly. However you have signed up and competed with 60ish at all the meets and a few less at Wrexham. But thanks go to the officials without whom it could not happen. 13 have qualified for free WMAA polo shirts having officiated at 3 or more events and a few more on 2 will get their shirts after Brecon.

Brecon champs are the next big thing but we still need lots of officials and volunteers. If you are one of 100 signed up then offer sometime to officiate or help with admin to make the thing go with a swing.... Results and many pics from Aberdare to follow...


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