Cardiff Met Christmas Classic 08 Dec 2019, National Indoor Athletics Centre CF23 6XD

We now have a link to enter the indoor 3000: This now allows the option of entering our championship as opposed to the open 3000, complete with higher fee.

Please ensure you enter the Masters 3000 at the bottom of the list (£11). Do not be tempted by the other 3000 at £10, as this will mean you are not entered for the championships, and thus may run with the youngsters and will certainly not be eligible for a medal. 

The rest of the track events will be held as part of Cardiff Met's New Year Open on 19 January. 

The field events are scheduled to be at Swansea on 16 February, last year's experiment having been deemed a great success by those participating. 

Once entries are open for these two meetings, we'll let you know. We hope to see you all at at least one of these events, having fun or at least keeping out of the rain...


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