WMAA is NOW Welsh Masters Athletics LIMITED - please read below...

We are starting to have a problem as not everyone has taken on board that we are now trading as Welsh Masters Athletics Limited and have a different bank account. Please use the BMAF online membership system.

The problems are as follows -

a) athletes sending renewals by post with a cheque payable to WMAA,

b) athletes with old standing orders in favour of WMAA, going to the wrong bank account. "Rod Davies our Treasurer/Membership Secretary is pleased to see athletes are busy renewing their memberships in time, so we should be ready for the new year of meetings ahead.

However, some athletes have decided to renew by cheque and this causes delays as the cheques are made out in our old name and made payable to WMAA or use the word Association.

Unfortunately the bank will not accept these cheques as they are not payable to the new club name (Welsh Masters Athletics Limited) so they have to be returned for a replacement cheque, with all the delay that could cause.

Would all athletes please use the online BMAF membership system to renew their membership so the membership list is automatically updated and they can enter for their chosen event almost immediately. If they have any problems with the automated system, Rod will be pleased to help out. There are still some members who send membership money by standing order, these need to be stopped. Rod will be writing to these individuals directly."


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