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A crazy weekend and results round-up as Road Runners battled against the elements...

Report by Don Hale.

It was a super-crazy, and very busy weekend for a host of North Wales Road Runners last week, as many were winding down their marathon training plans to concentrate on a few varied distance races, only to be hit by Storm Kathleen, and faced a succession of gale force winds, and driving hail, or rain.

Tom Aindow faced mixed weather on the coast at Brighton where despite an injury collected near the start of his full marathon race, but he bravely continued to record a decent finishing time.

And plaudits too, to Jon Evans at the Berlin half-marathon, where he too faced his demons following a debilitating illness, to complete his 'target race' in a good time.

Ben and Sarah Hudson, also faced a tough encounter from strong winds, with Sarah also collecting some unwanted blisters just weeks before her London marathon race, and there were mixed feelings, and results, from numerous other Road Running members at a variety of UK parkruns.

*Jon Evans (above), ran a good time at the Berlin half-marathon, following a period of ill-health, and (*below), Tom Aindow, finished well at the Brighton marathon despite injury.

*Brighton: Tom Aindow ran in the Brighton Marathon at the weekend and recorded his second fastest marathon time of 3 hrs 27 minutes, despite suffering a slight injury. After his race, he confirmed: “Ankle problems from pretty early on, and so hobbling by the end. Still a lovely day, amazing crowds, and another marathon done!”

*Berlin: Jon Evans enjoyed a good run in the Berlin half-marathon on Sunday and finished in 1.58.07. 

Afterwards he explained: “Stress tests of lungs and pins. All good this morning at Berlin. Great city, great race and 100% recommended. Thanks to my support crew (@kaz_hulme), and of course @rhianroxburgh, without who, it would be a shambles.“This was a target race, but regrettably I contracted pneumonia and was/am still recovering, but had done some light training and ran around as a health/fitness test - all good. Splits were consistent and looking forward to getting a training block in prior to pacing Chester half.”

*Wantage, Oxfordshire: Ben and Sarah Hudson (pictured above), competed in the White Horse half-marathon in Oxfordshire, as one of their last races before the London Marathon, but like so many other runners last weekend, their efforts were hampered by Storm Kathleen. Ben finished in 1.37.08, and Sarah 1.49.36.

Sarah confirmed: “We did the White Horse Half in Grove, Wantage, as a last long run before London… a great course and event which could have been quick without the gale force winds. Not really the times we wanted but just glad to get the miles in in those conditions. 

"Amazing weekend of running and catching up with super lovely friends, but the racedidn't quite go according to plan with crazy winds and blisters, but hopefully that’s got the bad run out the way before London.”

Other parkrun results:

Blackpool: Martin and Carla Green (pictured above), took part in the breezy Blackpool parkrun at Stanley Park on Saturday, with Martin finishing well in 3rd place in 19.21, and he won his VM45 age cat, whilst Carla was the first female finisher in 15th place overall in 22.12, and she too won her VW50 cat.

*Prestatyn: Stuart Culverhouse ran with his young son Joe at the Nova Prestatyn parkrun, supported by several family members. Stuart finished 7th in 20.25, and he was second in his VM50 cat, and Joe was also second in his JM11-14 age cat, and in 26th place overall in 24.17, and later he admitted: "it was great to run with the wife and kids and sister in law." 

*Bala: Adam Lemalle finished 10th overall in the Pont y Bala parkrun with a good time of 21.51 and he was 3rd in his VM40 age cat.

*Dunstable: Richard Scamans went on his travels again last weekend and ran in the Dunstable Downs parkrun, which he admitted was, ‘very hilly, muddy, and run around boggy fields.’ Despite his problems, Richard still ran very well and finished 10th overall, and he was 2nd in his VM50 age cat in 26.15. 

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