Email exchange with Sean Power on the topic of Records!

Whilst compiling the latest version of the Master’s Record performances [Records], I had an anomaly regarding our President’s performances in the Triple Jump. So, I sent an email and below is the entertaining reply I received. I hope that you all enjoy? As a one time Javelin thrower i could go on about 'flat landings', but .......

Email from Sean Power to Chris Pruski

"Well now, there’s a few stories!

The amount of British Masters records I smashed but there was no wind gauge there to record the wind. The times I used to write to British Vets asking them to ensure a wind gauge was available for Vets Long & Triple Jumps, to no avail.

For example, the M55 TJ record is mine at 12.58 in Cesanatico (a minus 0.9 wind). In fact, I jumped 12.61 at the Vets international in Calais (I think that was slightly windy); 12.69 at the Vets Inter-area in Warrington (no wind gauge); 12.74 in the British League in Croydon (no wind gauge!); and 12.81 in Newport at the BMAF Championships. I turned up at Newport, saw there was no wind gauge and said can we have one because it was the British Championships The reply was that there was unlikely to be any records that day, it was very, very wet. In my first jump I beat the old record by about a metre, so they held up the competition to get a wind gauge! After a long while, the competition was re-started and I kept hammering the British record, finally with that 12.81m. But they told me that the wind gauge had become water logged and they couldn’t accept the readings!

Then, M60, my record of 11.99 was set winning the World Champs in Carolina in Puerto Rico. Came back, was selected for the Masters Inter-Area in Warrington. So, based on the those previous years’ experiences, I wrote to BMAF and Warrington track to ask for a wind gauge to be made available. There was hardly a breeze, no wind gauge, and I jumped 12.41m, winning the competition and beating all the M40 age group and above athletes. But, no record!

M65. I hadn’t competed for nearly two years - two knee arthroscopies, so thought I’d try and get just one competition in before the end of the year, down in Twickenham. We jumped into the wind, I jumped 10.70, but no wind gauge, not a record! By the way, there was no wind recorded for George Leete’s jump either, but it was so long ago I think that has been ignored.

M70. I had open heart surgery the year before, so I’d had little or no competition. I jumped 9.61 at a Welsh Athletics open meeting in Newport (no wind gauge) in May - just checking to see if all was OK. I then jumped 9.68m at Par in September when we were on holiday in Cornwall (no wind gauge). Then I jumped 9.40m in Birmingham at the British Masters Championships later in September for what they have as a British record. Of course here, there WAS a wind gauge.

And the above is only a minimal amount of evidence regarding wind gauge. You might be able to ascertain that the further back you go, the less likely there was to be wind gauge available for horizontal jumps. Sprints - yes, horizontal jumps - no.

Sorry for the diatribe, but it’s a sore point with me, or used to be in the past. That’s why, when breaking World TJ or British records indoors, I was happy because I knew there was little likelihood of being cheated out of them.

Ah well, while I’m still around, if anyone does jump further ‘legally’ than me, I’ll look at the distances and in my mind claim mine were further. Sad devil I know, but I was always fighting that battle.

So, I’m afraid you’ll have to go with the official records.

Hopefully, I will have been of some help Chris. Hope all is well with you."


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