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Latest updates regarding the Welsh Masters Indoor T&F Championships on 21st January..

Latest updates regarding the Welsh Masters Indoor T&F Championships on 21st January, 2024.

Special report and comments from Brett Davis and Dave Watson at WMAL


Brett Davis, a director of WMAL has confirmed some extraordinary updates regarding the 2024 Welsh Masters athletics Indoor T&F Championships. 

He said: “Due to the demands of the programme and restrictions caused by the timetable challenges, Welsh Athletics were only able to offer us (indoor) championship events at 60m, 200m and 300m. 

“The middle-distance events are run by the British Miler’s Club, and we await the conditions there when they go live on the BMC website, but they may be elite open only. No field events are championship events due to number restrictions, but individuals can enter, there just won’t be any medals for those events.”

And today he added, hot off the press: “I can update now that the BMC is elite only which translates to 1:58 800m, and 4:05 1500m, for males, and 2:20 and 4:50 for females.”


The championships will be live via the Welsh athletics website. 


Another WMAL official, Dave Watson (*pictured above), commented: “After reading all the above with Welsh Athletics and British Milers catering either for elite runners with no field events, and very restricted track opportunities, just shows to me how important Welsh Masters Athletics is in the scheme of things. 

“I constantly read about ‘Inclusive for all,’ and ‘developing talent,’ but I see little evidence of the support for Welsh Masters athletes, apart from occasional hard-fought gains. 

“Look how popular the Inter-areas are with Welsh Masters, there's a huge demand from people for that type of event, that would really benefit and give back something to the sport. It just says to me that we have to keep pushing and fighting to promote Welsh Masters Athletics.” 



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