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Volunteers and entrants wanted for Welsh Masters T&F championships at Yate on Sunday 21st July 2024.

Volunteers and entrants wanted for Welsh Masters T&F championships at Yate on Sunday 21st July 2024.

Report by Don Hale.

The Welsh Masters Athletics Track & Field championships will be held on Sunday 21st July 2024 as part of the Avon/Yate AC Masters Open Championships, and potential entrants are advised to register as soon as possible due to the expected demand for places.

It will be staged at the Yate outdoor sports complex and is being organised by the Yate & District AC. And Chris Pruski from WMAL is also appealing for at least three more people to make themselves available on the day to help out with a variety of voluntary tasks. He confirmed: “I am appealing for volunteers for our WMAL champs on 21st July, without much success so far. We need at least three people, but the more the better. Activities include admin registration, medal organising, presentations and setting up signage etc.”

Chris added that special temp credit rewards will also be available for any willing volunteers, with details available on this link: The Avon/Yate & District AC Masters Open, will also be celebrating 50 years of the Avon Athletic Association. This Masters Open Meeting will be held on Sunday 21st July at Yate Outdoor Sports Complex, BS37 7LB. They say they are pleased to be incorporating both the Avon County and Welsh Masters 2024 Track & Field Championships into the Open Meeting events.

Avon County and Welsh Masters medal winners will be identified from the Meeting results and all entries are via this portal. If you are an Avon eligible athlete ( it would be helpful if you could inform the organisers in advance -  

*Welsh Masters are making their own arrangements. All athletes must be 35 or over on the date of the competition. Any entries from athletes aged under 35 will be rejected and we look forward to welcoming you to Masters athletics when the time comes.  ENTER THE CHAMPIONSHIPS ASAP.

*Entries are on-line only via Roster Athletics. You will need to create or sign in to an account with Roster Athletics to enter.  This link to enter confirms all the details about this event:

Meeting fee £5 plus entry fee of £5 per event. No entries on the day. NO REFUNDS after the closing date. Entries close at midnight on Friday the 12th July 2024. NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ALLOWED. 

Licence Number - OUT24/351 The provisional timetable is listed below.  

Final event group allocation will be according to age group or seeding where appropriate and timings are subject to change. The 2023 final timetable has been adopted for Field events, but may be modified to reflect the mix of entries. 

Individual time conflicts will be avoided as much as possible. Hurdle settings and implement weights will operate in 10 years ranges from 35 (V35, V45, V55 etc. up V75) except where hurdles or implements weights require an intermediate age category. Photo-finish and EDM will be in operation.  

Results on Power of Ten. Competitors in the horizontal jumps and throwing events will be allowed a minimum of 4 trials. 

TRACK & FIELD - all times indicate the start of the warm-up ie.access to cage/run-up, and competition following on. 11.25 300m Hurdles (W50+, M60+) 10.00 Hammer (V35 men upwards) 11.45 400m Hurdles (W35-49, M35-59) 11.00 High Jump ( V35 women upwards) 12.00 1500m V35 men upwards 11.00 Long Jump (V35 men upwards) 12.20 1500m V35 women upwards 11.30 Hammer (V35 women upwards) 12.30 100m V35 men upwards 13.30 Discus (all competitors - likely to be two concurrent pools) 12.50 100m V35 women upwards 13.30 High Jump (V35 Men upwards) 13.00 400m All competitors 13.30 Triple Jump (all competitors) Track Interval 15.00 Long jump (V35 women upwards) 14:00 80m hurdles W40+, M70+ 15.00 Javelin (V35 women upwards) 14.15 3000m V35 men upwards 15.30 Shot (Final A - likley to be lighter weights) 14.35 100m hurdles W35-39, M50 - V69 16.30 Shot (Final B - likley to be heavier weights) 14.45 110m hurdles men V35-49 16.30 Javelin (V35 men upwards) 14.55 3000m V35 women upwards 15.15 200m V35 men upwards 15.35 200m V35 women upwards 15.55 800m V35 men upwards 16.00 800m V35 women upwards 16.10 5000m V35 men upwards 16.55 5000m V35 women upwards. 

The Final programme will be published after entries close. UKA Rules including any WMA Competition and Technical rules additions and exceptions will be applied.  

There will be a qualified massage professional present on the day to help with any niggles! Suggested donation £TBD. Please make an appointment in advance if you can: Avon AA is organising two additional Open Meetings for all ages at the SGS WISE campus in North Bristol: Tuesday 25th June: 


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