Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Dear Colleague, On checking, it seems Welsh Athletics omitted to include Welsh Masters League meetings among the various options for officials to volunteer. You were very kind to take part in our meetings last year, and we should be very pleased to see you again in 2020 for some friendly athletics. As you know, we pay expenses promptly, and try to make sure you have some tea or lunch to sustain you, together with some drinks to keep you going! Our meetings for this year are as follows: Wednesday 22 April Swansea League meeting 1 Wednesday 13 May Brecon League meeting 2 Wednesday 10 June Newport League meeting 3 Wednesday 1 July Wrexham League meeting 4 Sunday 9 August Aberdare Outdoor Championships Wednesday 9 September King George V League meeting 5 (new Rhondda track) Please let me know asap if you can come, and please pass the word on to other officials as we do not have contact details for everyone.

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