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WMAL Sprints Evening, Swansea 11 June 2021

Following the success of our Middle Distance evening in Cwmbran, we are nearly ready for our sprints training evening.

The risk assessment has been emailed to you, this will give you a fair idea of what we can and cannot do. You will note that no changing rooms will be available, and furthermore there will only be a limited number of toilets available, and they will be in the entrance to the indoor track.

Therefore, please arrive in kit, with your own water bottle (there will be no refreshments available), and a mask to wear, at least indoors. If you have your own starting blocks, please bring them, as there will be sanitising procedures to use the track's blocks.

On arrival, do not go up Sketty Lane to the swimming pool car park, for which there is a charge. Go along the Oystermouth Road a couple of hundred metres to the next right turn. It is surrounded by signs for Swansea Harriers, and the Tennis and Squash club. Just past the building on the right (which is the indoor track), there should be free parking available in the car park on the right. Walk to the far end of the car park, and you will see the track to the right. The attached plan shows this as a green line. Given paragraph two's warning, you may wish to pop round to the indoor track entrance first. That is the blue line on the plan. From there a right turn will cut off the corner on the way to the track. You will be met by our covid officer who will tick you off his list. Only those on the list will be allowed in the arena, so please avoid bringing company if possible. We will be on the back straight: that way the wind will be behind us, there is a better view, seating is available, and we will be nearer the toilets. That's the purple line, but please note the one way system and return along the blue line as before.

We have the whole track booked from 6:00 to 8:00. We are requested to clear the track (and toilets) by eight o'clock. If you have a particular session of your own in mind, there will be plenty of room for you to do it. Otherwise, we shall begin with warm-up: if you have an established routine, feel free to get on with it. Otherwise, we can provide suggested stretches, drills and so on - just ask and join in. We shall then move on to starting practice. After two or three starts to get things right, we shall go the full 100 metres, having organised ourselves into sensibly competitive fields. After that, those who wish to do so can repeat the process, this time over 200 metres. If anyone is up for it after that, we shall try to organise a fun shuttle relay, keeping each leg down to 50 metres. This should be in line with the main points of the evening: to meet up, have fun, and take another step towards being ready to compete.

I will just point out that the Tennis Club, just above the car park, has a bar that is open to the public.

I look forward to running with you on Friday.


Rod Davies

Membership Secretary, Welsh Masters Athletics Limited



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