WMAL welcomes WA Masters' Advisory Group

Welsh Masters (Welsh Masters Athletics Limited) welcomes Welsh Athletics’ initiative in setting up a Masters’ Advisory Group this year. We look forward to working with Welsh Athletics on our shared objectives to provide competitive opportunities for masters athletes.

Welsh Masters has provided competition, catering for all abilities, for both male and female athletes of masters’ ages for over 40 years. It is one of the founder members of the British Masters Athletics Federation (BMAF).

Welsh Masters normally holds a successful programme of league meetings throughout Wales, mainly for track and field, together with indoor and outdoor championships. Once the present pandemic restrictions are over, it will resume its activities.

As part of BMAF, Welsh Masters takes part in the British and Irish Masters Cross Country International annual event, which is hosted in Wales in rotation with the other four nations.

For further information, please contact Brett Davis, Chairman of Welsh Masters - brett-davis1@sky.com

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