Wrexham 5th June 2019
Swansea League Meeting 24th April 2019

Pictures from WMA Champs in Torun March 2019

Pictures from Roger at the BMAF Winter Championships 9th and 10th March 2019

098 - Brett Davis at the start of the M55 800m
102 - Georgie Parnell (yellow vest) in the W35 800m
003 - Claudia Cubbage in W45 Pole Vault
007 - Alison Murray in the W50 Pole Vault

009 - Dorothy Fraser, Iris Holder and (hidden on far side) Daphne Marler
- start of W70/W75/W80 60m
013 - Clare St John-Coleman (closest to camera) and Mel Garland - start
of W55 60m final (having qualified through the heats)
014 - Mel Garland in W55 High Jump
022 - Louise Kirby at start of W50 400m
041 - Mel Garland in W55 Long Jump
042 - Daphne Marler in W70 Long Jump
062 - Amanda Broadhurst in W45 Long Jump
066 - Amanda Cook in W40 Long Jump
077 - Iris Holder in W75 Triple Jump
080 - Rod Davies in M60 200m
082 - Louise Kirby and Juliet Sidney before the W50 200m
083 - Louise Kirby and Juliet Sidney in the W50 200m

086 - Amanda Broadhurst in W45 200m (B Final)
087 - Michelle Thomas in W45 200m (A Final)
088 - Stuart Pearce in M40 200m final
091 - Vickie Watkins and Eleri Jones in W35 200m
097 - Keith Powell in M55 Pole Vault