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As part of our commitment recognising and valuing the contribution made by active volunteers. Welsh Masters Athletics is part of tempo time credits network, offering Time Tempo Credits to our event volunteers supporting our events. 


When you volunteer for Welsh Masters Athletics you earn Tempo Time Credits. You can then use your Tempo Time Credits on activities with Tempo local and 
national partners. There are hundreds of partners ready to reward our volunteers for their contributions. From days out with the family to tasty treats, language lessons and gym classes, there is something for everyone, all around the country.

Search tempo time credits fun activities both local and national

Want to start volunteering for Welsh Masters Athletics then please get in touch now bu contacting us via

What opportunities do we have at the moment:

Athlete Registration Assistant – Working alongside the athlete registration team welcoming and signing in competing athletes.

Registration Assistant – assisting with spectator entry bands and answering athlete queries. Providing spectators with information surrounding the event and assisting with access into the venue and assist spectators with accessible needs. Issuing individuals (coaches, VIPs, and any additional support staff) with their accreditation and directing them to where they need to go.

VIP Assistant – Duties may include chaperoning VIPs from the main entrance to the VIP area and possible medal ceremonies, and assisting with VIP sign in.


Media Assistant – Working alongside our communications team following the events throughout the competition assisting with live updates on social media.

Presentations Assistant – Duties may include medal bearing, assisting VIPs whom are presenting medals, setting up the medal presentation area, and chaperoning athletes from the finish line to the medal presentation area.

Announcer - The role of an announcer is to provide live running commentary alongside the events unfolding. The announcer provides additional information about the event, reminders about the schedule, inside knowledge about PBs/club/current coach/records, commentary for medal ceremonies.


Field Data Entry Assistant – Field event data input for live event results. Sit alongside the lead official who records the event manually and announcing the performance which is then input into that field event. Then after the event is finished, they will be required to check with the lead official that what has been written manually matches with digital input and then close and complete the event.

Results & Transponder Assistant – Working with the officials and timing contractors to facilitate and deliver live results to different areas of major events. If required collect transponders from competing athletes. Please note, this role may involve a lot of distance covered. This happens when we have ‘Team Seiko’ available at events, and this job is a busy position involving issuing ‘timing chips’ in the call room and then retrieving them after the event marking off issue and intake lists confirming all items have been recovered, it may also require support where athletes are unable to remove the ‘timing chip’.

Results input is just managing the field events to make sure all the data is being input correctly, also the track events are automated from Photo finish, and checking progressions to next round events are accurate for seeding to process the next round.

Race seeding - This role will be working alongside volunteers who have previously done this role, also training will be provided before and during the event, this role is usually based in the call room area, sometimes issuing prints for each individual race or set of races. It entails following up on pre-set parameters for each individual event, checking the data is accurate form when registration closes to entering the call room.

Call room manager - will be in charge of the call room and will assign duties to the call room staff. The CRM ensures that he/she has a walkie talkie to liaise with appropriate personnel, particularly the announcer and the Starter’s Assistant. The CRM will ensure that the announcer has a copy of the call room schedule. The CRM will arrange with seeding how start lists for track are going to come to the call room (either CRM collect or seeding will bring to call room). The CRM to ensure that they have the
field cards from administration. If the meeting is running behind time, the CRM should liaise with the Starter’s Assistant by walkie talkie and adjust timings accordingly.

Call room assistant - must check athletes’ numbers and spikes. Sign in athletes against start lists, liaise with the announcer by walkie talkie if any are missing. Issue athletes with the appropriate leg numbers. Advise the athletes of qualifications for subsequent rounds if it is not a final (this will be written on the start list). Checked off start list before handing to the Starter’s Assistant. Field athletes to be checked against field card – liaise with announcer by walkie talkie about closing time for athletes to report (the field card will have been produced from entries therefore some athletes will not report). The Chief Judge for the event will come to the call room to collect the athletes
and take them to the event.


If you are interested in any of the above then please get in touch to discuss and make that first step to having a rewarding experience volunteering for Welsh Masters Athletics. 

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