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40th Anniversary bash for North Wales Road Running Club in Llandudno.

*A group picture (*above) of some of the people who attended the 40th anniversary bash.

Large turn-out for NWRRC's 40th anniversary gathering at Llandudno venue.

Report by Don Hale. Exclusive photos by Steve Jeffery and John Hatton.

A large number of North Wales Road Runners both past and present celebrated their 40th anniversary gathering last Sunday afternoon in the rear garden at The Nevill on Vaughan Street, Llandudno.

Club chairman Kevin Slattery welcomed all the visitors and running club members together with many family members, and spoke about his surprise that the club has continued to flourish over four decades since its initial formation with very limited facilities and optimism.

He said he looked forward to the continued expansion of the membership and hoped the club would meet again for the 50th, 60th, plus other, additional, and future anniversaries.

He said the club now had over 100 active members and competed regularly in most major championship events, parkruns, cross-country, at track and field, and at many other races.

Kevin also brought some archive club newsletters, old race results and reports, that in days gone by had to be typed up each month. These documents obviously attracted much attention, especially from some of the older veteran members.

Many of the athletic attendees had run at the Chester half-marathon event that morning.

The afternoon included a drinks, and a generous buffet, with some memorable photos from the event taken by one of the earlier/founder members Steve Jeffery.

All past and present club members were later given special commemorative coasters to mark this occasion, which had also welcomed bright, warm sunshine for this special event.



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