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Notes from the November 2022 Board meeting to go on the WMAL website


The Treasurer said he would be mailing all members about renewals for 2023 shortly.

The Board has had several vacancies which need filling, and it was agreed that these should be advertised in the next members’ mailing. The roles – Director, Endurance Team Manager, and Company Secretary would be advertised in the mailing to go out to members shortly. The Chairman (Brett Davis) was the first point of contact for all those interested.

BMAF Masters programme for 2023 included Championships in Torun and Pescara. The BMAF Indoor Championships to be held in Sheffield. All details are to be found on the BMAF website. In addition there will be an Indoor Inter-Area at Lee Valley on 26 February. Brett Davis is the contact for the men’s team and the contact for the women’s management team is to be advised. Keep checking the website. The team managers would like to know as soon as possible who would like to come and join the fun.

WMAL Indoor Championships are pencilled in for 19 March at Cardiff Met. Getting officials is

likely to be the most difficult part of the organisation, so any ideas would be appreciated. Watch this space!



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