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Volunteers wanted for WMAL champs event at Aberdare with Time Tempo rewards offered in recognition..

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

*Pictured above - The Ron Jones Stadium at Aberdare.

Volunteers wanted for Welsh Masters Championships with Tempo Time credits offered as a rewards for generous time support and service.

Report by Don Hale.

Chris Pruski from Welsh Masters Athletics Ltd, has forwarded a note about some interesting Tempo Time credits rewards pages on the WMAL website that he introduced to members a little while ago, whilst trying to recruit as many volunteers as possible for Championship events.

He said this will help to bring people together, who share a true love of competition and athletics, with some generous awards and credits offered for their generous time and service.

In particular, he is keen to invite anyone who is available to help-out at the WMAL Championships at the Ron Jones, Aberdare Stadium, in July. Check out the following links for full details:

*All the rewards and full details are highlighted on the following links:



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