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Chris Pruski Sets M65 Javelin record at BMAF CHAMPS - Our Results - 36 Medals

Updated: Jun 17, 2022


Medals total = 36 ...Gold 7 [M2 W5]; Silver 9 [M4 W5]; Bronze 11 [M8 W3]; 4th 9 [M3 W6]

Jenny Phillips W55 Bronze in 800m and 1500m Bronze

Angela Bryant W60100m Silver 200m 4th

Nicky Buckwell W65 HJ Silver, JT Bronze, LJ GOLD, SP 4th, 80mH Silver, 100n Bronze and 200m Silver PHEW!!!!

Dorothy Frazer W85 100m GOLD 200M GOLD

Brett Davis M55 400m 4th

Jonathan Grainger M55 800m Bronze, 1500m Bronze

Keith Powell M60 100m 5th

David Shields M60 5th

Dave Stokes M60 HT 8th, SP 10th, WT 9th

Paul Yeoman M60 DT 11th, HJ 4th, SP 11th, PV 5th, JT 6th, 100m 5th, PHEW!!!

Dave Profitt M65 800m 6th, 1500m 7th

Chris Pruski M65 Silver - WMAL RECORD

Mel James M75 100m Bronze, 200m Bronze

Phil Rees M80 HT GOLD, DT Silver, HJ Bronze, TJ GOLD, LJ Bronze, SP Silver and 200m Silver, PHEW!!!!!


Eleri Jones W40 100m 4th, 200m Bronze

Amanda Broadhurst W60 JT Bronze, 80H Silver, SP Bronze Phew!!

Juliet Sidney W50 100m 5th, 200m 5th

Michelle Thomas W50 100m GOLD, 200m GOLD

Michael Dickens M35 100m Bronze, 200m Bronze

Jonathan Williams M35 400m 4th



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