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Exciting new changes to WMAL website

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

LATEST UPDATE from new website manager Don Hale:

Brett Davies, a director at Welsh Masters Athletics Ltd, has just confirmed a number of important changes this week to help boost the continued expansion of this popular organisation.

He explained: "It's an exciting time of change at WMAL as we build on the growing success of Welsh Masters’ generally.

“We are pleased to welcome new faces in Don Hale as our website manager, and Dave Watson as a board member with specific responsibility for helping develop endurance, road, and cross-country.

“However, we say goodbye with huge thanks to Chris Pruski for all his many years of contributions at board level for website/marketing, and to Juliet Sydney for all her contributions as one of the women's track and field managers.

“Masters’ Athletics generally is growing and developing, and we want to make sure that Welsh Masters’ remain at the very forefront of that, and as part of that, we are also looking for a company secretary to join us and help take WMAL forward.”

*Captions: Pictured above - Don Hale and (*below) Dave Watson.

*Anyone interested in becoming the new company secretary should contact Brett Davis via email or the WMAL website:, or


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