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Indoor Championships and Membership Renewals Update

The BMAF Opentrack membership system has now been reset to accept membership renewals for 2022. The LINK on the homepage has been updated and should be easier to use! Your membership expiry date is 31-12-2021, so there is no need to panic. Indeed, if you are one of the quartet who have already paid you can probably feel quite smug at this point. For the rest of us, it's a nice little job for one of those empty days between Christmas and New Year. It's just that you can now get it out of the way should you so wish.

We had a successful outdoor championships in September: at least, the chap in the coffee van asked to be invited again. The Board has been looking long and hard at putting on indoor championships next year, but there are so many restrictions on such events, not only those imposed by the government, but others by the facility owners. We have a nasty feeling that there may be more by next year. Added to that is the consideration that we would be putting you all into what could be a quite unhealthy environment. Not to mention the cost of hiring the NIAC. We have therefore rather reluctantly decided that we will not be holding an indoor championships in 2022.

As it stands, the BMAF will be holding their championships at Lee Valley on 5-6th March, with the Inter-Area there on the following week.

In the meantime, on the 2nd of January, the Old Father Time race will incorporate the Welsh Masters 5 mile championships. As a member you will be eligible for one of our medals! You can find an entry form here:

Then it will be onwards to the outdoor season. Not only will we endeavour, virus permitting, to hold the championships earlier in the year, but we also hope to resume our league meetings. We plan to introduce new trophies!

To that end, we are trying to compile a register of members who would be willing to act as ambassadors for us, liaising with your first claim clubs. This would help spread the word of our activities, and improve the involvement of the clubs. If you are interested in this, please let me know.


Rod Davies



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