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INTERAREA WOMEN'S Team and Timetable

As you will see, the relay names have been "pencilled" in - mainly on the basis that I have used up all the reserves I started with, so we now have to manage on the volunteers we have!

It will be the last day of Covid restrictions in England, so please bring your masks to go into the venue. I am told there will be little catering, so I suggest you bring lunch and drinks supplies with you. As people will want to minimise handling things, I suggest you bring your own safety pin supply as well. When I last looked at the weather forecast it is going to be hot and sunny, so please bring sun cream and anything else in the way of protection you may need. You will need your Welsh Masters vests as the officials are quite hot on this, particularly for the relay!

I expect to be hiding in the back of the stand well out of the sunlight. I should have the team numbers and a supply of WMAL vests should you want to buy a new one (£10). Chris Pruski will have free mini cool bags for ALL members - great for sandwich lunch - and Brett Davis will have some of the free Welsh Athletics kit (old sponsor).

We aim to take a team photo at an appropriate time so look out for this.

Daphne Marler



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