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FINAL MEMBERS ENTERED is 36 in British Masters Indoor/Outdoor Throws Championships

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th March at Lea Valley

36 NOW WMAL members competing Entries close Sunday 20th Feb.

Entries are ....

MW35 Dasha Newington, Brian Dias and Michael Dickens.

M40 Kieran Golding.

MW45 Cath Alford, Ian Williams and Amanda Cook.

MW50 Michelle Thomas, Peter Roberts, Adrian Lewis, Paul Flynn, Louise Kirby, David Glendower, Russel Whiting and Martin Tucker.

M55 Chris Millard, Glyn Price, Eric Oram, David Owen Williams, Brett Davis and Colin Williams.

MW60 Claire St.John-Coleman, Dave Shields, Angela Bryant, Mark Ellery, Keith Powell and Dave Stokes.

MW65 Nicky Buckwell, Dave Marginson and Chris Pruski.

M70 Mark Wyndham-Jones.

M75 Terry Roberts and Barrie Roberts.

MW80 Phil Rees, Dorothy Fraser and Iris Holder.

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