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Urgent appeal for volunteers to help out at this Saturday’s Welsh Masters Athletics T&F champs...

Urgent appeal for volunteers to help out at this Saturday’s Welsh Masters Athletics T&F championships at Yate...

Brett Davis, a director of Welsh Masters, is urgently appealing to WMAL members for any volunteers – qualified or not - to help out at this weekend’s Welsh Masters Athletics championships at Yate. As previously reported, the championships were moved from Aberdare, and will now be included within the Avon/Yate open T&F events at Yate this Saturday 12th August, and with over 70 Welsh Masters athletes competing, the event organisers have asked WMAL officials if some willing volunteers can make themselves available to help out with various tasks at this important meeting. Last June, Brett announced: "Thanks to our friends from the South-West (Avon Count AA and Yate & District AC) we have now incorporated the Welsh Masters outdoor track and field championship into their inaugural Masters Open meeting at the Outdoor Sports Centre, Broad Lane, Yate BS37 7LB on Saturday 12th August." And this week he acknowledged: “I certainly feel that by this stage of the season most officials have committed to their quota of events and/or holidays. However, there will be officials, athletes, and supporters amongst our entrants, who may be happy to help.” He urged anyone who is either attending, competing, or supporting any athletes, to try to help out with various tasks, and said they should contact the help desk on arrival for further details or to contact the event official and timekeeper Steve Grant (email:

Request for help from event organisers.

Steve Grant from Yate AC confirmed this week: “I accept all that Brett has said and appreciate the offer to ask for any help on the day which would be great. You will see that we have juggled some field events to handle the high number of entries, due to the sparcity of officials. “A number of our own officials are also competing, so if WMAL could encourage their members to offer to give us a hand (qualified or not), that would be much appreciated. “The reception may or may not be manned, but if it is, any offers to help on the day could be made there, or ask for me on the TK stand, which is accessible, that would be great. “In general, a spell of help as a TK (timekeeper), would allow me to help on the field, or field officials, rakers and fetchers, would give our hard-pressed field team a break. “And, in particular, if WMAL have a field official, or any grade free to help on the HJ at 11.30am, or a TK to relieve me, that would be particularly helpful.”

*This is my previous link (18/6/23) relating to my earlier blog about the move from Aberdare to the Yate Open and WMAL championship event on Saturday:

*And this is the link to the original event details at Yate:


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