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Welsh athlete publishes light hearted-book about his role as a football club doctor at Bangor...

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Conwy parkrunner, and football doctor, Simon Leeson has written a new light-hearted fundraising book about his life, career, and passion for running, football and even skiing!

Special report by Don Hale. Photo by John Hatton.

Conwy parkrun volunteer and regular entrant Dr Simon Leeson is a semi-retired gynaecologist, who has published a new book about being a football doctor, which he hopes will help to raise funds for his favourite local soccer club.

Simon has been a familiar and friendly face at the Conwy event for many years, and regularly takes part in the 5k challenge, when he is not volunteering, or offering his services as a marshal around this popular and picturesque course.

His book is entitledDon’t Call Me DocTales of a football medic in a league of his own - and is now available online via and admits, “It is a light-hearted account of the bonkers world of club football in deepest Wales.”

It includes an interesting account of his life, his medical career, and his passion for football, running and even skiing! And it additionally mentions that he also enjoying walking, and real ale!

Simon is a keen follower and supporter of CPD Bangor 1876, and he explains how an invitation to become a football medic seemed, “like a dream come true after a lifetime of being a football fan, and a hospital doctor.”

He intends to promote his book as a means of fundraising for the soccer club and admits that it includes many surprising twists and turns, adding that “player injuries turned out to be the easier part of the job.”

Talking about his earlier life and career, Simon said: “I was an exceptionally direct yet ungifted downhill skier in years gone by and could deal with any piste, as long as all the moguls were aligned in the right places.

“I am also a life-long supporter of Manchester City Football Club, though a hopeless footballer. I also run slowly for long distances, but I have completed the London Marathon once, and the Great North Run four times.

“I have attended occasional Grands Prix events, which involved standing for long periods of time in mud to watch very fast cars break down, and I am now learning to cook despite being rather late in life, with my wife accepting that I may destroy most of our pots and pans.”

*Copies of Simon Leeson’s new book – Don’t Call Me Doc – priced at £7.26 is now available via It can be purchased on this link: *The Bangor football outfit ran a special feature about Simon earlier this season which was written by Jonathan Ervine and outlined his exceptional support and work for the club. It is called – Meet our club doctor Simon Leeson. A copy of this report can still be seen on their website:



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