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Welsh Master Athletics - Provisional results and reports from the England Masters Inter-Area event.

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

*Some of the WMAL team (*above) at Nuneaton last Sunday during the England Masters Inter-Area challenge.

Welsh Master Athletics - Provisional results and reports from members at the England Masters Inter-Area challenge at Nuneaton on 6th August.

Report by Don Hale. Photographs courtesy of Siwan Eleri Jones.

Welsh Masters Athletics celebrated a good turn out and some impressive performances last Sunday (6th August) during the England Masters Inter-Area challenge at Nuneaton.

Unfortunately, this meeting clashed with many holiday and previous commitments but nevertheless, WMAL still managed to put a quality team together and were generally pleased with all the varied provisional results.

Due to many late changes however to many athletes competing in several different events, the final results list may not be available for a few more days, but we now have the provisional results, plus some comments from officials, and can confirm the men's team finished 5th overall with the ladies 4th.

*Pictured (*above) and in sections (*below) are some of the many great photographs taken by Siwan Eleri Jones - see her photo link at the bottom.

Brett Davis, a director of WMAL confirmed: “Here are the provisional results. Any real changes such as the missing throws in our women’s team may change them, but we have to be notified by Friday. I will also forward the individual results, although these are very provisional, as they may not include all our name changes.”

WMAL board member Dave Watson was delighted by the event and said: “The whole meeting seemed to go well, and I thought the team spirit was really excellent. For my part I have to say thank you to a few people. Firstly, as this was a temporary step in by me for Brett, I wanted to thank Eleri for her patience and kindness and helping me get on track with everything. “I also wanted to say that I thought the presentation and awards to the women's team at the end was absolutely outstanding and created such a positive buzz! “Really well done, and huge congratulations to Eleri and Louise! Also, a huge thanks to Rod especially around the relay time. I really have no experience of 100m relays and desperately did not want to let anyone down in the race… and Rod was calmness personified. “What made me laugh was on the way home my Garmin beeped, flashing-up with the inspiring message ‘Congratulations you just set a new pace record!” Ok, so I was slow, but in my little MV65 middle distance world I ran the fastest I have ever done! “I know from talking to the men and seeing some of the emails today that they equally enjoyed the experience. I'm sure a version of what Eleri did for the men would go down really well. All in all, it was a really enjoyable experience, and as so many have said, they would love to do it all again!”

Wendy Kane, from Midlands Masters, who was the organiser of the Inter-Area completion, said: “It was great to meet so many of you on Sunday - I hope you enjoyed the day and got home in one piece! Some of you have already been in touch with me to say that there are some errors in the results, so that is great that you have spotted them. “I will get those sorted over the next few days. Please go through them and let me have any other amendments no later than Friday. I can then sort those out and then get the results posted onto Power of 10. “I wanted to 'thank you' all for your support and involvement in this event. I have enjoyed organising it and I have had plenty of positive feedback as well as some negative ones. However, please let me have any constructive comments by Friday so that I can consider them before putting my report together. “Please pass on my thanks to your athletes for competing in a great spirit and for their understanding when issues arose. Again, thanks for your support with this event.”

*This is the provisional results list from the Inter-Area T&F challenge at Nuneaton:

*This is the link to some of Siwan Eleri Jones photographs:


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