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As I hope you are aware, we are trying to organise a championship meeting at Swansea on 26 September. However, we are now reaching a crisis point, and need your help.

Many of you have offered to help officiate between events in which you want to compete. While such offers are very much appreciated, and will be taken up gratefully, we do need to have a core of officials who will be on duty throughout. This is necessary not only to ensure the smooth running of the meeting, but to be able to obtain a meeting permit from Welsh Athletics. We cannot hold the meeting without such permit.

We are rapidly approaching the point when it will be too late to apply for the permit, and we are some way short of having enough qualified officials lined up. This is where we need your help. If you should be a qualified official, but not competing at the championships though injury or lack of training during the restrictions, please consider officiating for us. If you are not, please contact your first claim club, and ask if they could put out a call to any officials on their books. Please feel free to pass on the attached flyer.

As things currently stand, we would have to call off the Championships for a second year in a row. Please help us to avoid this calamitous situation.



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