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Women's WMAL Sub Committee Appointed

We are delighted to be selecting the women’s track and field team for inter-area in Nuneaton on 31 July. If your email is up-to-date then you will already have heard from us. Please get in touch with Eleri if you haven’t so that we can update your contact details.

Here is a photo from last year’s inter-area at the same venue - it was great fun. Left to right - Louise, Jules, Eleri. Look out for us at track and field events and come along for a chat or contact us via email.

Would you like to join us this year? If so, then please get in touch asap so that we can select the best team. If you aren’t available this time then get in touch so that we can start building our squad for the indoor event in March. If you fancy trying something new then we can point you towards someone who can get you started. If you haven’t done track and field before then there is something for everyone.

Or how about supporting in some other way? We are an inclusive team and would love you to be involved, whatever your strengths and interests.

- How about cheering people along?

- Flying our flag?

- Taking photographs?

- Keeping social media updated throughout the day?

- Volunteering at events?

- Qualifying as an official?

We are always happy to chat about athletics so please get in touch if you have any questions.

Eleri, Jules, Louise"



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