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Festive message from Rod Davies at Welsh Masters Athletics - and time to pay your renewal fees...

Festive message from Rod Davies at Welsh Masters Athletics...and time to pay your renewal fees.

Somehow we find ourselves in the middle of December: it doesn't seem five minutes since some of us were at the BMAF championships in the heat of Derby.

Membership fees are now due: -

This means it's time for us to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and to remind you that your membership will expire on New Year's Eve. 

Perhaps renewing will be a nice little job for a quiet day over the festive period. It's now much more straightforward to do so on the BMAF website. Go through it to sign on to Opentrack, and go to your membership profile. 

You should find a yellow button alongside WMAL marked Renew. If you don't, check the expiry date, which will probably be 2024. This means you have renewed already but forgotten you did - perhaps too much sherry?

If you leave it till January, you will need to check Expired Roles.

Some of you will be heading to Cardiff this weekend to compete in our 3000 indoor championship - good luck, and don't forget to collect your medal!

As for the rest of the indoor championships, we are in negotiations to include them in the Non Thomas Open at Cardiff on 21 January. 

Negotiations to include the outdoor championships in one of Welsh Athletics' are much less advanced. We have a fall-back option of returning to Yate.


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