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HOT NEWS: Welsh Masters Indoor T&F meeting to be held at Cardiff Met Open Meeting on 21st Jan 2024.

Important new update - hot off the press - from Brett Davis, a director of Welsh Masters Athletics

Hi Don, hot news!

I have just had a very productive meeting with Rhiannon Hawker of Cardiff Met and agreed that our indoor track and field championships will be incorporated within their open meeting on 21st January 2024 at Cardiff Met with the 3000m separately included in their 17th December 2024 open meeting.

The details of the events included and the two meeting programmes will become available in the next few weeks. So watch this space for updates.

In particular the ability to enter the 1st meeting should be available soon online. Some of the events in the second meeting may have a restricted number of races, so early entry to that one will be beneficial.

Brett Davis Director Welsh Masters Athletics Limited.

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