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Juliet is 6th fastest at the World champs in Poland...and relays to come...

Juliet Sidney reports on World Champs in Poland: 31/3/23:

Not quite good enough to make the final today but hit the post. 6th fastest in the world but didn't qualify as slower heat winner progressed to the final. Thems the rules but really happy with my race. I attacked the e faster girls and just ran out of steam in the end. Last year I was rubbish this year I am back and only getting stronger for the summer.

Relays tomorrow w50 ladies and w55 mixed. I will post the times again. Thanks so much for all the support from home. It's been awesome and I am so grateful. Will do all my thank yous when I get back as I have such a great team around me and friends and family. One luck picket rocket. Hoping my luck will change for the relays and I can bring home some bring



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