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Medal Haul Exceeds Expectations at 54!

Our athletes competing at the British Masters Championships exceeded our target of 38 medals and came away with 54. See some pics in the Gallery



15 BRONZE and

11 4th places

GOLD Medal winners were ...Dasha Newington, Michelle Thomas, Louise Kirby, Russel Whiting, Martin Tucker, Jan Timberlake, Dave Marginson, Chris Pruski, Nicky Buckwell, Mark Wyndham-Jones, Iris Holder and Phil Rees.

SILVER Medal winners were ...Peter Watkeys, Ian Williams, Peter Roberts, David Owen Williams, Brett Davis, Angela Bryant, Claire St.John-Coleman, Terry Roberts, Dorothy Fraser, Dasha Newington, Michelle Thomas, Russel Whiting, Jan Timberlake, Nicky Buckwell, Mark Wyndham-Jones and Phil Rees

BRONZE Medal winners ...Kieran Golding, David Glendower, Eric Oram, Phil Rees, Mark Wyndham-Jones, Nicky Buckwell, Angela Bryant, Jan Timberlake, Louise Kirby and Dasha Newington

4th Places ...David Shields, Brian Dias, Michael Dickens, Ian Williams, Jan Timberlake, Brett Davis, Claire St. John-Coleman and Phil Rees



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