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TEMPO TIME CREDITS APPEAL - special message from Chris Pruski at WMAL...

Updated: Jul 4

TEMPO TIME CREDITS APPEAL - Message from Chris Pruski at Welsh Masters Athletics (WMAL), about Tempo by Don Hale.

Chris Pruski from Welsh Masters Athletics is requesting that all athletes and volunteers who are planning to take part in Welsh Masters Championship events should sign up with Tempo Time.

He explained: “I’ve been working on this for a while and hope that we can get lots of people signed up so we can get the scheme underway. This will help all members, athletes, supporters, and WMAL, to be able to continue providing essential sporting championship events as we begin to build an essential support network.

“I will be sending a letter to contacts I have at various clubs, but the more people we can contact, the better are the chances that we can get this going, and they don’t need to be WMAL members.

“There is also an Event Academy Initiative and I have a meeting with them next week – on Thursday 11th July - where I want to establish a relationship whereby, they can encourage their students to volunteer for WMAL. 

Regards Chris.


Please follow the link on the attached and once you are signed up search for our championships and volunteer. I can then see you as a volunteer on my master page.

Giving you a thank you for your time with Tempo Time Credits!


Welsh Masters Athletics Ltd (WMAL), is partnering with Tempo Time Credits to recognise and thank all our volunteers for the time they give. 

As a competitor at the championships WMAL would like you to consider joining Tempo Time Credits. At WMAL we value your support as a member and competitor and volunteer.

As such we are looking for ways to thank you. One way that we want to make use of is using Tempo Time Credits. 

When you volunteer with us, you can earn Time Credits and then you can use these to access opportunities and experiences for free locally and nationally across the Tempo Time Credit network.   

There are lots of lovely places and things that you can use your Time Credits on, which I’m sure will also be good for well-being and you can even gift Time Credits to friends and family if you don’t want to use them on yourself.  


To sign up, all you need to do is click on this link below and then we will be able to issue Tempo Time Credits to you when you volunteer with us. When you sign up, you will also be able to see where you can use your Time Credits. 

*For more information on Tempo Time Credits click here: (

The Time Credits model works simply: you earn Time Credits for the time you give to support WMAL services. The Tempo Time Credit platform records and recognises this. This is managed by Chris Pruski who will monitor you when volunteering for activities. 

The reward is in the form of being able to use a Tempo Time Credits at hundreds of different recognition opportunities across the UK. A recognition opportunity includes a session at a local sports/leisure centre, seeing a film or going to the theatre, bike hire, a day out at a national attraction. You can also gift Tempo Time Credits to others. 

*For more information on Tempo Time Credits click here:


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