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Roll of honour and medals tally at T&F championships at Pescara...

This was the Roll of Honour confirming all the gold, silver and bronze medals won at the time of writing by Team GB members at the Masters T&F Championships in Pescara.

Well done to all the competitors, the team manager, and all the support crew.

Gold COPSON Angela 10000m W75

Gold REAY Jeanette 10000m W65

Gold BONNETT Emily 400m Hs H76 W35

Gold FRISBY Susan 300m Hs H68.6 W60

Gold HORDER Jane 300m Hs H68.6 W65

Gold POWELL Caroline 100m W65

Gold STEWART Kathleen 100m W80

Gold FRASER Dorothy 100m W85

Gold MILLS Hayley 100m W35

Gold WILLIAMS Evaun Shot Put Kg 2.000 W85

Gold RUTTER Niabari Shot Put Kg 4.000 W35

Gold WILLIAMS Paula Shot Put Kg 3.000 W50

Gold BRITANE Laurensa Javelin Throw Gr 600 W35

Gold WILLIAMS Evaun Javelin Throw Gr 400 W85

Gold TOWART Darren 400m Hs H91 M45

Gold EDWARDS Neal 400m Hs H84 M50

Gold FEECHAN Colin 10000m M65

Gold THOM Dave 10000m M60

Gold PETERS Stephen 100m M70

Gold LONG Allan 100m M80

Silver DESAI Nisha 400m Hs H76 W35

Silver MCMAHON Emily 200m Hs H68.6 W70

Silver DOWNIE Stacey 100m W35

Silver BRADBURY Bob 10000m M70

Silver OSSAI Tamunonengiye-ofori 100m

M45 Silver HODGSON Trevor 100m M50

Silver MONK Christopher 100m M70

Silver MCCAULEY Stephen Shot Put Kg 7.260 M45

Silver DIRKIN Guy Hammer Throw Kg 4.000 M70

Bronze LOADES Sarah 300m Hs H76 W50

Bronze BEARDMORE Emma Shot Put Kg 4.000 W35

Bronze WILLIAMS Paula Javelin Throw Gr 500 W50

Bronze REDDINGTON Glen 300m Hs H76 M60

Bronze BROADHURST Ian 300m Hs H76 M65

Bronze SCOTT Darren 100m M50

Bronze BARRETT Simon ralph 100m M70

Bronze HOLDER Graham Hammer Throw Kg 6.000 M50

Bronze HAWKSWORTH Barry Hammer Throw Kg 4.000 M75

Bronze BOVELL Duayne 100m M35


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