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Special Men's Health webinar promoted by Welsh Masters Athletics and Elite82.

Unique WMAL opportunity and special Webinar offer about Men’s Health...with Elite82 and experts.

Welsh Masters Athletics are promoting a unique Men’s Health Webinar opportunity provided by Elite82, who are a local company based in South Wales, and are a High Performance and Movement specialist.

They are running an informative Webinar on Tuesday 5th December between 7pm-8.30pm, and WMAL have arranged a special offer for interested persons, including a 10% discount deal!

In addition, there is an Early Bird offer with the sale ending on 24th November, of just £20, less the special discount for registrations.

*Check out the details of this special seminar on the link below:

Men's Health: The facts around testosterone:

About the event:

  • All questions answered by a qualified physician.

  • Male Hormone Cycle - Testosterone – How it works.

  • Symptoms of low test.

  • Measuring testosterone levels.

  • Different analysis – what is needed.

  • Normative ranges.

  • Testosterone replacement, boosters, and treatment options.

  • Side effects of each treatment.

  • Modality of best absorption.

  • Causes of low testosterone.

  • Fertility - the truth and myths busted.

  • Men’s mental health.

  • Is age a factor?

  • What happens if young people diagnosed with hypogonadism?

  • Can levels fluctuate?

  • How often recommend screening and re-testing?

Question and Answers

Testing Centre


*The offer is 10% for Welsh Masters Members:

Use the WMAL discount code - Menshealth10 at the checkout:

*Check out the details of this special seminar on the link below:

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