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What a tremendous season for the Pocket Rocket sprinter Juliet Sidney..

What a tremendous season for Juliet Sidney, the website manager of Welsh Masters Athletics, and a medal winning sprinter with Welsh Masters Athletics and Team GB.

*Juliet Sidney (*above) has enjoyed a remarkably successful season.

I have added Juliet Sidney's Facebook remarks to show her remarkable consistency at several major international and home championships in recent times, together with her diary notes:

This week, the talented athlete - know as the Pocket Rocket, concluded: “That's a wrap. Two weeks off before I start to train for 2024. It's been a much better year than 2022.”

Juliet’s personal roll of honour: -

Madeira 60m Masters Ladies champion.

British 60m w55 champion.

British 200m w55 champion.

Welsh 100m w55 champion.

Welsh 200m w55 champion.

British 100m w55 champion.

British 200m w55 champion.

European w55 100m 7th place finalist.

European w55 200m 7th place finalist.

European w55 4 x 100m team bronze medal.

Juliet’s plans for next year: “Work harder for 2024, will try and be better. So lucky to have an awesome team around me. Track coach Eric Oram. Strength and conditioning coach, nutrition and mindset Sian Rees Neil Sidney, the best husband and support in the world. Team Pearce, Newport Harriers.”

Juliet’s diary reports from her recent performances for Great Britain at the Masters Championships in Pescara 2023. In reverse order:

“So, the relays were fun and eventful at the end of my champs. The team bagged a bronze. Over the moon. Congratulations to the team. 1st Me 2nd Fiona Steele 3rd Jan Vespa 4th leg Angela Bryant what a team! So happy right now!

“Congratulations too to Italy gold and Ireland silver. You guys’ rock! Enjoyed sharing the podium with this talented bunch of athletes - 2 weeks rest and recovery now.”

Juliet's progression diary: “Challenging day yesterday in my 200m, w55 semi to make the final. Warmed-up well and I was hoping to run a decent time. When we got out on the track the monsoon started and myself and all of heat 1 got thoroughly soaked.

“We had to wait one and a half hours before the re-start. Big shout out to Erge Viiklaid fellow semi- finalist, who lent me her top as I was shivering from being cold and wet.

“Somehow made it to my first 200m Final. Managed to finish 7th in the final. Achieved some of my aims for these champs. Very pleased to have made 2 finals and 7th place in each, progress.

"Now for the relays later today Thanks to Neil Sidney and Fiona Steele for looking after me at these champs. Made the final of the w55 100m. Left it all on the track. Finished 7th Overall.”


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