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More inspirational stories wanted about veteran runners - next - Peter Robinson (Hornsea Harriers)..

*Peter Robinson (Hornsea Harriers) pictured above - returned to running after retirement.

More inspirational stories wanted about veteran runners...and this time we feature Peter Robinson from Hornsea Harriers...

Welsh Masters Athletics have been looking for some more inspirational stories about veteran athletes who, for whatever reasons, perhaps stopped running for a period of time, before returning to the sport, and are now enjoying both success and fitness in their later years.

We welcome all your tales about the highs and lows of your running career, and this week we feature master veteran athlete Peter Robinson from Hornsea Harriers.

Peter explained: “As a teenager, I ran for a Northern UK club, Gateshead Harriers, and had some success. More important, I realised that I loved running. I stopped competing when I married in 1974 but kept 'jogging' to keep fit.

“When I retired in 2018, I moved to Hornsea. I was still jogging 5k a few times a week and I often saw groups from Hornsea Harriers running together. In 2021, I took the plunge and joined the club. They were very welcoming and encouraging.

“And in the last year, I've run 10k in just over 49 mins, and a half marathon in 1hr 56mins. My first priority is to continue to enjoy running. However, I'm also eager to see how much I can improve times and for how long.

“I'll be 70 in September, so why should I not be faster in 3 or 4 years if I keep at it? This morning I did a 10k run and put in a 'faster' mile. It was the fastest mile I've run since I was aged 21, 7m 30s. This is fun & feels good!”

My thanks to Peter for his report.

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